Dear parents, dear judo kids!

We would like to welcome you to JONEDO, it is a pleasure having you as part of our judo family.
Having fun and enjoying exercise on the tatami [judo mat] are our first priorities! Step by step children are introduced to the world of judo with all its ceremonies, commands und techniques [everything in Japanese language], and they learn to treat their training partners fair and with respect. We have no use for swearwords or bad mood – we work together, putting aside conflicts. By practicing judo, children get to know their own bodies, gaining better body control. They learn how to cope with their different opponents and eventually master fighting in regulated judo tournaments on their own.


At what age can my child join?

Most kids start judo when they start school – at the age of 6 to 7 years. But it is also possible to start later! Older children can also join groups that match their age, not their belt color, because they are likely to have the same weight, which is also important.
Furthermore it is also possible for you to join as an adult, in our group for grown-ups, there are quite a few adults, who started at the age of 30, 40 or even 50 or more years, and who are still active!


Every child is unique!

In our judo lessons children can just be themselves – children. Meaning, our training adapts to the children in that particular group. Especially in this new environment children need time to familiarize with their new partners, trainers and friends.
Our rules and procedures during training protect the children from getting hurt and are to be adhered to at all times.

Don't put your kid under pressure for not having managed a technique yet, even if other children already have succeeded. Everyone has its own pace and favorite techniques. There will be such your kid is better at.
If an exercise can't be done right away, don't give up, just try again and one day it will seem like the easiest thing to be done.


Hunger and thirst?

Judo invokes thirst and, in most cases, makes you exhausted.
If you decide to bring food or drinks for yourself or your child, please regard the site rules, try not to make a mess and clean up after yourself. Your child should avoid eating during or right before judo training. Bring a bottle of water instead. A quick nip now and then is okay.
The trainer has to be asked for permission before the tatami is left for the bathroom or for drinking.


What do you need to bring?

For trial lessons a T-shirt and shorts fit for sports are sufficient. Often you can also borrow a judogi (judo suit) for a lesson. Judo is practiced barefoot and without any jewelry. Please leave off any kind of necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings or similar including wedding rings. Since judo is a martial art these may invoke injuries.

Long hair has to be tied up, hands and feet should be clean and nails should be clipped to a rather short length. If you wear permanent braces, we recommend wearing some kind of protection for it so it won't cause injury.

If you wear glasses you can wear them during training except for randori (training combat).

We recommend leaving valuable objects, such as mobile phones, keys or wallets at home, as far as this is possible for you. If you decide to take them with you, please do not leave them in the changing room, but take them with you into the gym. Unfortunately pickpockets do not cut back on their activity during judo lessons. We do not take responsibility for any lost valuables or clothing.


Do I have to pay and register for trial lessons?

No, you can take part for free at any time during the school year, you do not have to register. If you enjoyed your trial lesson(s) you can sign up directly at the trainer after the lesson.

What are the costs?
After your free trial lessons you will have to pay an inscription fee of € 38,- This automatically registers you as a member of the Austrian Judo organization (ÖJV). This enables you to continue your judo career exactly where you left off, in case you change your club/association (e.g. if you move). You will also receive a judo pass, where all your data regarding judo is being noted (like in a drivers license). Additionally there is the Jonedo membership fee:

membership fee



family member


family member

3rd and further

family member(s)

1 semester

€ 150,-

€ 128,-

€ 111,-

1 school year

€ 298,-

€ 255,-

€ 222,-

Including: the ÖJV annual pass and one optional kyu exam [to level up your belt] each year.

The costs for a judogi, participation in tournaments or training camps are not included.










The membership fee is to be payed per semester or year and will not be returned if you decide not to take part. On that account we have free trial lessons and if you are not sure about your decision even after your second trial lesson, just talk to the trainer – another trial lesson is sure to be possible. Furthermore you will get a family discount for your brothers, sisters and parents.

If you sign up during the semester you will, naturally, not have to pay for the entire semester. If you decide to train more than once a week it will not change the price. You are free to attend any regular Jonedo traning.


Where do I get the judo suit? Can I buy a used one?

You can buy the judogi (judo suit) directly from the trainer. Chances for getting a used judo suit are limited. You pay for your judo suit in advance and in cash. If our contractor has the judogi in store you will normally get it one week later, during training. If your child has grown out of it's judogi, you can give the old one back and get a new, fitting one for only an upcharge (the approximate value of your old judogi is about half the price of a new one) – provided it is clean and still intact. You can – of course – also sell your old judo suits somewhere else.

If you decide to buy or order your judo suit somewhere else, make sure it has the right size and is actually meant for judo. Karate, taekwondo and other suits look similar to a judo suit but the jacket is way thinner and easily tears during judo training. If your judogi is natural white, bleached, blue, black, red, green or any other color – that doesn't matter during training.
Belt colors on the other hand, show how advanced your skills are. Therefore everybody wears a belt of the color that he or she has achieved.


Which belt colors are there?

Beginners wear white, then you can achieve white/yellow, yellow, yellow/orange, orange, orange/green, green, green/blue, blue, brown and then black. [If you are 15 years or older you skip the multicolored belts, e.g. “white/yellow”]. The black belt [Dan] is a master level, the other colors [Kyu] are disciple grades.
Highly advanced students can contribute to the training as an assistant or trainer-assistant or, in case of illness of the trainer, even be in control over the entire training. In any case, the main responsibility lies with the trainer who has achieved a master level.


How do I achieve the next belt color?

Usually we provide one or more fixed dates for the kyu exams at the end of the school year.
You are qualified to take part if your trainer agrees. The kyu exams will take place during the ordinary training hours, the fees are included in the membership fee.


When should I not attend training?

You attend training at your own risk. We recommend to let your child get checked by a doctor before starting judo.
Please don't attend the lessons if you suffer from fever, ear infections, the flu, stomach or bowl infections that cause diarrhea and/or vomiting, catching child infections or catching skin infections. Also, don't attend the lesson if you recently had an injection.


In case you can't attend the lesson:

If you want to excuse your child or yourself from a lesson, a short SMS, e-mail or phone call is sufficient. We will gladly welcome you to make up for it at another location, you don't have to register or pay extra for that. A missed lesson does not reduce the membership fee and will not be payed back.


Contact to club and trainer

We own an up-to-date and very informative online-dojo at www.jonedo.at. You can get further information on our facebook page or our youtube channel. If you still have questions or want to give us feedback, please email us at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

Phone number of trainer Jouni Hietasola: 0676 - 300 51 25 - available from 08am to 08pm
During training hours I will not always be available – the kids attending the lessons have priority. Please leave a message or text me.
At weekends or on days that are off school please only use e-mail or SMS – on those days my own kids have priority :-)


Cancellation of training:

If training is not possible e.g. due to illness of the trainer (or his kids), and there is no substitute found, it will be indicated on the website, the facebook page and per e-mail on short notice, given that the reason is not an acute illness or an accident. You can always write an SMS or call if you are unsure.

Sometimes children attending judo believe that there will be no training because of parent conference day, school excursions or similar.
Judo takes place at the school gym, but is not bound to the school program apart from that. That is why children from every school can train with us at every one of our locations. In rare cases the gym is reserved for school events, but normally we hear about that on time to inform every participant.

On holidays, and on other closing days of the respective school, the gyms are closed and therefore the training will not be held. In the second week of summer holidays in Vienna we provide the option to take part in an international judo summer camp in Finland.


Watching and photographing during training:

Whenever you have time for it, you can of course watch your kids train, given it doesn't trouble the lesson. Please put your phone on silent or turn it off. When they just started training most children feel more secure and comfortable when they have a parent watching them and smiling at them. But it really shouldn't be more than that. Children in our course also learn how to take responsibility for their actions. By way of many small achievements they are strengthening their self-confidence.

In all cases – be it tying the own belt, a smaller or a bigger injury - the first person to talk to is the trainer. Especially if children hurt themselves calmness and humor are the best “medicine” and normally wounds are quickly treated and tears wiped away. Maybe in a different way than mum or dad always does it, that is normal and not a reason to feel uneasy. As a parent you can support the trainers by bringing your child to training on time, holding a water bottle for your child, washing the judogi (judo suit) then and there [but don't iron it!!] and by encouraging your child. Bringing chocolate to the tatami already goes to far. :-) Our trainers are there for the children and not the other way round.


Can I also take part as a parent?

If you talk to the trainer beforehand it is possible to attend lessons together with your child. Should you want to take part in the group your child is training in, please note that we adjust our training to the children. A better solution would be to join the group for grown-ups. Since you are the parent, you get the family discount!


Are there tournaments?

Judo is a martial art and therefore it is obvious that tournaments do exist. Participants are separated into groups by sex, age and weight. In Vienna there are open tournaments and the official Viennese championships (Wiener Landesmeisterschaften). Then of course there are the Austrian championships, European championships, World championships and Olympic games.
To prosecute Judo as a competitive sport it takes great discipline, yearlong dedication and accommodation of the entire environment [family, school, work etc.] like in every other serious sport.

In our association (Jonedo) nobody is obliged to take part in any kind of tournament. Though we do give out information about upcoming tournaments for children in Vienna. Should your child decide to take part, we will try to send a trainer with him/her. You can get a taste of fighting in a championship in the training sessions already, but you could also try watching judo championships, either live at the particular location, or on the internet.


Any questions?

Visit our website https://www.jonedo.at/, visit us on facebook or watch our youtube videos.
If there are still any questions, just ask our trainers before or after training and, of course, you can also text or e-mail us at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.

We wish you the best of luck and welcome you in our judo family!

Jouni Hietasola
5. Dan Judo, nat. cert. trainer
Chairman & sports manager
Budoclub JONEDO


This information was translated by: Juliane Nazari-Montazer, 1. Kyu (edits by Norbert Schönbauer, 3. Kyu)
During Training and exchange of Information we speak German, English or Finnish, apart from the Japanese commandos.

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